Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fusilier Lace

There are a couple ways to make a rectangle pattern loop and the 7th Regiment's is the hard way. The larger of the two loops requires 8 3/4" of lace (the smaller is around 8".) Here are two of the larger pieces ready to be folded.

Only one line of stitching holds these things together, the rest is folding and ironing. If it goes bad, unfold it, press it flat, and start again. If making lace for a non-working buttonhole
skip down to step 7. The open end gets hidden under the button.
Match the ends of the lace and pin it at a 45 degree angle. The pin is 1/4"
 in from the stripe side edge. This is the stitch line.

Ino, I used a sewing machine. I'm terrible. It won't be seen when it's sewn down.

Here is the first fold, pressed. The tail needs to be cut off and Fray Checked.

Flipped 90-degrees, here is the tape held against a finished one for size.
Fold the other end back on itself  as shown.

Iron the second fold. This is the height of the finished rectangle: 1 1/8"

With the lace right-side up, press a 45-degree fold to complete one end.
The long sides should be parallel and the inside edges nearly touching. 

Now fold the whole tape in half, to locate the center of the unfinished side. Here
it is marked with a pin. The center keeps the tape symmetrical when folded.

Back to the coat--flip the tape upside down, center the pin on a finished
buttonhole and make two folds, 1 1/8" apart. Make these as even as possible. 

Getting close--two more  folds are ironed. The finished length should be around 2 1/2".

Iron the other side flat with two more 45-degree folds to finish. Here it is from underneath. 

Next time, hooks, eyes, and linings.

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  1. DO you make your own lace? I need to make or have made a very detailed lace for a Prussian musicians regimental i am building.