Saturday, August 17, 2013

Winter Soldier

After seven years of fighting, The survivors of the 7th Regiment of Foot evacuated New York in 1782. They had lost two sets of colors and left fallen comrades from Quebec to Charleston, and Savannah to Monmouth. I greatly enjoyed recreating their late-War Winter uniform.

Ignore my socks showing through the overalls. I'm thinking
about adding some tabs to hook the weskit to the
overalls in the front.

A good view of the hooked skirts on the coat. My pack straps should
probably be tighter, but the other gear is right where it should be.

The bayonet plate doubles as a belt buckle for earlier impressions. If you
look closely you can see white dust from all the pipe clay on those belts.

The two epaulettes with tape are something the unit added while I
was making the coat. A nice addition.

Rockin' the forage cap.

Obviously, the white Russia overalls are worn in Summer.

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