Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moccasins II

Back again. Here is the rounded toe gathered into 1/2" folds and the gathers sewn together. The thread is doubled up for strength, and the holes are punched with a awl. Glover's needles work too, if you don't mind blood on your project.

After the center seam is complete, the moc is wetted, stretched, and pressed flat to dry. The hide blemishes make it look poxy, but some problems have emerged. One side stretched longer than the other. Not really a problem thanks to sharp knives. The bigger problem will be obvious to those who watch Mike Galban's DVD.

With all the adjustments to the toe, the ankle opening is now too small. The center seam needs to be opened up back to the center of the moc, WHICH MEANS the cuff pieces are too short. Oh well, Time to cut those off and make a one piece cuff that is overcast to the ankle opening. Nothing wrong with it, should protect the back seam from strain when putting them on. Next time, back seam and swallow tails.  

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