Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Here is the sleeve, inside-out, with the cuff pinned on. The sleeve is completely enclosed, and the decorative cuff comes to within an inch of the knuckles.  The sleeves caps are a bit of a bother as they can't be gathered, so they need to be reshaped to fit the body. Off the shoulder seams feel weird at first.

A detail of the finished cuff shows the overlap and decorative buttons, three in all. The cuff opening lines up with the bottom sleeve seam. They compliment the long shirt cuffs in this period nicely.

Next, the front linings are sewn to the shoulder seams and arm holes. Lots of pressing around the edges of the padding helps it to blend in. Time to move on to the tails.

These look pretty snazzy for being so small. The pleats should be ironed flat, and some tacks put in so they don't open all the way. Since the tail linings cover the pleats, they will help hold them closed.

There no turned edges on the bottom of this coat, which is nice. No pockets right now, but that may change. On to the collar.

Well, damn. The top coat edges need some blending, and the silver tape will definitely be overkill. All kinds of seam grading going on so the collar doesn't get fat. Fingers crossed the eagles come in the mail soon.