Wednesday, October 29, 2014


While the shako is in the paint shop, let's return to the 18th century. My friend Anna took this picture at Mount Harmon plantation, where a good time was had by all. A composite camp of regulars and loyalists was served by two sutlers and a laundress in perfect weather. Nice to have friends who are passionate about history doing things right.

There MAY have been some discussion of marching from the Old Barracks to the Princeton Battlefield overnight on January 3rd. Need to get in shape for that, but following Washington's route is too temping. Three items are required to complete the 1776 Philadelphia Associator kit: wool spatterdashes, mittens, and a 23-hole cartridge pouch.  Might as well make a kettle bag while we're at it.

Always wanted a kettle bag and Roy Najecki is kind enough to make kits for these, with everything included. He also sells a great haversack kit that I highly recommend (my is approaching 13 years old.)  The kettle bag instructions include the British and German models (shown at left.) Time to make a bunch of things at once.

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