Monday, January 21, 2013

Nearly Done.

A bit of inspiration--the March of the Guards to Finchley, by William Hogarth (1750.) George II might not have liked it, perhaps Frederick II had enough of a sense of humor to recognize some truth in the satire.

All the chaos and drunkenness of this work perfectly sums up my feelings toward the Fusilier regimental.  It makes my head hurt. I want it to be over.

Here is the back--fearful symmetry. Ideally the back tapes would have gone on before the lining was in....Only the body is lined.

The pleats on this coat are afterthoughts, tacked down along their entire length.

The cuffs get the same treatment as the lapels. The buttonholes and tapes have similar spacing, four to a cuff. It's heartbreaking to think these coats only lasted a year with the work that went into them.

The lower right corner of the Hogarth painting shows one of the the more common forms of recycling with old coats. The pioneer with the canteen is wearing a forage cap.

I've always wanted one of these. Old coat tails and lapel make a fine hat for fatigue duties. The embroidery is a copy of the Fusilier belt plate engraving. Decoration varied from regiment to regiment, usually just numbers.

Next, brown kersey overalls for winter service.