Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Look at this damned thing--just look at it. A rifle company of the Massachusetts militia wore these uniforms after the War of 1812. Where to start. Forget about the helmet for now.  The padding is remarkable, also that wasp waist (complete with seam.) The collar meets at the center front. The stars and wings are overkill. Minus all the bells and whistles, the Oxford Light Infantry coat should have this shape--poofy.

The quilted waistcoat that goes under the OLI coat is done, but in the time it took to complete I lost a bunch of weight. Unfortunately, I cut out and started the coat before the waistcoat.

Overall shape is good, but front overlap is four inches at the bottom (holy cats!) Poking out the top is the waistcoat collar. Time to rip out the padding, cut back the interfacing, trim the outer fabric. Nothing like completely tearing something apart to learn patience.

There are some adjustments that can be made where the fronts overlap to make it easier to install buttons and make buttonholes. The huge Massachusetts buttons look pretty spiffy. Since the they are held on with cord, each one is separate to avoid bunching and keep them upright.

Holding my breath for when the leather shako kit arrives in the mail.