Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Neckstock

Ah, the Federal Period. Let's call it what it is, shall we? None of that Regency nonsense. Good whiskey and seegars for all Americans.

I recently returned from one of my favorite places: Genesee Country Village. If it was a collection of early 19th century buildings, that would be enough. The town spans the century, has a fine museum and even a balloon. Nothing like sleeping in a barn, eating in the tavern, and toxophily to refresh the spirit.

Time to return to the most vexing subject of the era:  the cravat. Drunk tailoring requires a degree of perfectionism, but barrel knots and creases are a pain.

What about a stock? The military loves them. I'm guessing this is the equivalent of the clip-on bow tie for the busy Federal gent.  Lots of interesting construction details here, and the box is killer.

A pattern based on this shape is unsurprisingly uncomfortable. Also there appears to be no knots or frills on this specimen. Lucky for me Genesee has TWO of them in their Men's Accessories display (did I say I love this place?) Both have faux tails and cute knots on the front, and a cutout for the chin.

Here is mine with several layers of buckram, wrapped in linen and the chin notch added. It is with great trepidation that I started using silk for the first time. No doubt it will be covered in beer and bloody fingerprints before completion. Next time, a buckle and a barrel knot I only have to tie once--huzzah!