Friday, March 23, 2012


Not long ago, I received a nice invitation to join these gentlemen: the 7th Regiment of Foot. In the past, I have been know to take the field as their enemies, but I was ready for a change.

Those who have seen my Livejournal blog know my first attempt at their uniform did not turn out well:

Not only did I screw up the weskit (waistcoat) front, but the length was not quite right for my middle-aged girth. Now that my coat penance is complete, I ordered some more white broadcloth and re-cut the weskit fronts. There was nothing wrong with the original weskit pockets or the back (or buttons.) I cut all the seams away and saved these pieces. Time to start over.

 If you haven't worked with broadcloth, you are missing out. There is no need to turn edges and it drapes amazingly. The new Kochan Phillips stuff that is available is not cheap, but it wears like iron and is as close to 18th-century wool as you can get:

Since I'm not starting from scratch, this project will be fast. At left is one waistcoat front with the pocket slit marked in chalk. The 7th's weskits don't have the pocket flaps you typically see on skirted weskits of this type.  For that reason, the line doesn't follow the curved "lowest button" profile. It will look more like a modern vest pocket. Next time, pockets.

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