Monday, April 4, 2016


A full couple of weeks, these past. Film continues to answer the need for more gritty immersion, even if only for one or two takes. Black powder charges buried in potting soil with cork fragments are safe, but still ring your bell. The air bursts are worse.

Faux soldiers can never come close to the terror experienced in real combat, but the dread of remote detonations, and the concussion is exhausting. Loading on the run and falling are good tests for clothes gear and skills.

 It's nice to relax indoors with a new waistcoat. Fit is excellent, it could be longer. The side vented needed to be shortened a couple of inches. With so many great sites full of talented people, it's easy to become complacent. Living history land is mostly populated by good folks, which makes the appearance of bad apples glaring. Irony is not lost on the drunk tailor when normal 18th century behavior rears it's ugly head.

Sadly, physical altercations are no longer a civil matter. Pain is inspiring. Shunning still seems to work, and having units police up their drunks is pretty efficient. The spirit of 1976 lingers. Women sometimes feel unsafe (or worse.) New ideas are looked down upon. Humans hate change, love routine for routine's sake. Best to inspire young people, charm them away from the creaking edifice that was reenacting.  


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  2. Bless his heart, he was so very classy and so talented at holding his liquor and tongue.