Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Swallowtail II

The poof! The buttons! The cat hair! With the buttonholes complete, it's time to start tuning the seams. Chest padding gives this coat a unique silhouette. The top button might need to be moved, haven't decide yet. Somehow the length in front matches the waistcoat exactly.  Good news: there isn't much in the way of tail linings on these and the sleeves are pretty simple. Fourteen (!!!) more buttons to add, however.

The body lining is interesting. Since there are layers of interfacing and padding, and the outer fabric is turned, the wool lining is not. Lots of tiny stitches hold it down.

This one gets pinned right-side out, because of the padding. The waist seam helps the shape quite a bit. Note the vestigial pocket flaps. Not sure how to do this without a form. Even a drunkard can get good lines. More good news: the sleeves are only tight from wrist to elbow.

Frankly, the amount of baddassery on this project is slightly overwhelming. The urge to rush things is strong, so the collar and sleeves will be excellent distractions. With the event 30 days away, it's going to be interesting.

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