Thursday, December 8, 2011

Step One

So here is one back piece. Compare it to the right side of the diagram in the last post. M. de Garsault says the tops of the pleats need to be re-enforced first. I made mine out of scraps of brown hemp canvas. The coat back has two: the rectangle on the left keeps the slit above the center back pleat stable. The horseshoe-shaped bit is partially covered by the hymo that lines the pleat.

The green stuff is more hemp canvas, lining the center back slit of the coat. The creases of the center back pleat have already been ironed in. The cloth the coat is cut from has a nice herringbone weave, but it frays easily. Even though its for summer wear, I can already tell the finished garment is going to be heavy.

Next time the fronts get their interfacing.

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